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About Us

One Movement LLC is a leading provider of delivery services and transportation solutions for businesses and individuals. The transportation and logistics company involves in delivering customers’ loads with delivery vehicles.
We are in business to provide services such as packing goods for transportation, crating goods for transportation, and wrapping goods for transportation, freight consolidation, trade document preparation, storing goods prior to and after freight, physical distribution consulting.


To be a service driven company that exceeds the customer expectations by providing on time pickup and delivery, error free handling and accountability of customer property/goods, and solid customer relationships that will create economy, flexibility, and trust for the customers and continuing business opportunities for the company while demonstrating our values of integrity, dedication, and effectiveness.

Why We Stand Out

There are factors that make One Movement LLC to be different than other freight companies.

Transportation Safety

The goal is to eliminate or mitigate every possible safety risk on company property, every safety risk on the highway and every safety risk when employees are at a customer facility.

Quality Shipping Standards

The timely delivery of goods to the final destination without any damage or loss of value. The goal is that the freight will be delivered on time, every time.

Competitive Rate Structure

Developing plans for increased market share through innovative rate structures, offering volume discounts and offering special discounts to favored customers.

Quality Employees

Commitment to hire the highest quality drivers, and support staff in the industry. This goal can be achieved through generous pay scale and commitment to a drug-free environment.

Our Services

We provide General Freight Transportation and multinational Freight forwarding company providing customer shipping and logistics solutions, end-to-end services, 4PL, Buyer consolidation which includes on-time delivery, damage- free deliveries, on-time pick-up and reporting and loss-free deliveries.

Pick-up and delivery of goods

Pick-up and delivery of goods throughout the east utilizing our efficient fleet. (7)

Tracking Information

Tracking information of all Linxup, Keep Trucking (KT) applications automated delivery status updates that include expected arrival times for pick-up or delivery, truck routing integrating, EDI data transmission technology.

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Truck Load Serices

Both “less than a truck load” and “truck load” services.

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One Movement LLC is a freight company that will provide transportation and logistics services for the movement of goods in the whole of US. We are a logistics company based Raleigh, NC. We are looking to earn more business opportunities and provide clients with our fantastic service.

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